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At Leah Foundation, we fight for brighter futures for women, children, and communities in Nigeria. We tackle cultural, socio-economic, and health challenges with education, healthcare access, and skills development programs. Located in Ilorin, Kwara State, we’re a beacon of hope, empowering the next generation and advocating for humanity’s potential.


Leah Foundation empowers underprivileged children through quality education and lifelong skills training. Our LEAH Home currently provides a nurturing environment for 18 children, equipping them with essential knowledge, lifelong skills, and the confidence to reach their full potential. 


At Leah Foundation, we champion preventive healthcare for women in underserved areas across Nigeria. We provide education, cancer screenings (breast & cervical), and empowerment programs, including free screenings at Leah Medical Centre.

Social Welfare

Leah Foundation stands shoulder-to-shoulder with those in need, empowering them to overcome challenges and build better lives. We tackle complex issues like poverty, illiteracy, healthcare gaps, cancer awareness, and human rights violations, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

About Us

Our History

LEAH Foundation, founded by Her Excellency Dcns. Omolewa Ahmed in Ilorin, Nigeria, is dedicated to improving the lives of women, children, and humanity. Focusing on socioeconomic, cultural, and health challenges, we empower through education, healthcare initiatives (cancer screenings, motherhood programs), and strategic partnerships, embodying the SHE (Social Welfare, Empowerment, Health) concept. 

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Every act of kindness, big or small, creates ripples of positive change in our community. Your support, whether it’s a nourishing meal shared with hungry families, a vital contribution to life-changing programs, a warm layer shielding a child from the cold, clean water quenching thirst, offering a life-saving early detection screening to someone struggling to afford it, learning tools unlocking potential, or even a simple toy sparking joy, becomes a beacon of hope.

What we do

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Women and Children

Empowering through Education

With initiatives like 'Adopt A Child' and the LEAH Reading Camp, we're turning dreams into reality.

Health Initiatives that Save Lives

Our Breast & Cervical Cancer Project and Omolewa Safe Motherhood Initiative are at the forefront of promoting health and wellbeing.

Economic Empowerment for Sustainable Growth

Through entrepreneurial and creative skill programs, we're building a stronger community.


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Children and women assisted.


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Our Causes

You can help lots of people by donating little

Support Our our breast and cervical screening drive:

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