Leah Foundation’s HPV Vaccine Awareness Event in Malete

Raising Awareness:

The Leah Foundation recently hosted a vibrant and impactful event at Kwara State University in Malete to raise awareness about the importance of the HPV vaccine. The day was packed with activities designed to educate and engage the community, emphasizing the critical role of the HPV vaccine in preventing cervical cancer.

Courtesy Visit to the District Head

The day began with a respectful visit to the district head of Malete. This visit was essential in securing local support and recognition for our mission. By involving local leaders, we ensured that our message would resonate more deeply within the community, lending credibility and urgency to our cause.

Community Market Visit

Following our visit to the district head, we headed to the bustling community market. Engaging directly with vendors and shoppers, we discussed the benefits of the HPV vaccine in preventing cervical cancer. Our team distributed informative flyers and answered questions, making sure to address any concerns or misconceptions about the vaccine.

2km Awareness Walk

Our team then embarked on a spirited 2km awareness walk. The walk was a powerful way to spread our message, and along the route, we made a significant stop at the DPO’s office to register our presence and gain further support. The walk not only raised awareness but also symbolized our commitment to fighting cancer through prevention.

House to House & Shop to Shop Awareness

We didn’t stop there. Determined to reach as many people as possible, our team went door to door and shop to shop, handing out flyers and playing informative jingles in both English and Yoruba. This grassroots approach ensured that everyone, regardless of where they were, understood the importance of vaccinating eligible girls against HPV.

Community Engagement

The day was filled with lively music and informative conversations, creating an atmosphere of excitement and learning. We aimed to make sure every family knew why the HPV vaccine is crucial for their daughters’ health. By combining education with entertainment, we were able to engage the community more effectively and leave a lasting impression.

The Importance of the HPV Vaccine

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a significant cause of cervical cancer, one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide. The HPV vaccine is highly effective in preventing infections from the virus types that cause the majority of cervical cancers. Vaccinating young girls before they become sexually active is crucial, as it provides protection before any exposure to the virus.

Impact of Community-Based Initiatives

Community-based initiatives like the one hosted by Leah Foundation are vital in the fight against cancer. By directly engaging with the community, providing education, and addressing concerns, we can increase vaccine uptake and reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. The success of our event in Malete highlights the power of community engagement and the importance of local support in public health initiatives.


The Leah Foundation’s recent HPV vaccine awareness event in Malete was a resounding success. From our visit to the district head to our community market outreach, 2km awareness walk, and door-to-door engagement, we made significant strides in raising awareness about the importance of the HPV vaccine. Our efforts underscore our commitment to empowering communities through education and proactive health measures.

As we continue our mission, we remain dedicated to ensuring that every girl has the opportunity to receive the HPV vaccine, protecting her from cervical cancer and contributing to a healthier future for all. Through continued community engagement and support, we can make a lasting impact and drive positive change in health outcomes.

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