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Why we help

No matter the status of a country, where it is located or what the issues are, there is is no doubt that children and women are the most vulnerable. It is time for us all to sincerely collaborate to plant new seeds of care and hope, most especially in these forlon groups

Our history

LEAH Foundation was founded by Evg. Omolewa Ahmed as a Non-Governmental, Non-Religious, Non-Partisan and Not-for-profit Organization to raise awareness and spur affirmative action on issues affecting the survival and development of women.

Our Objectives

To initiate and implement strategies to deal with cultural, socio-economic, health & wellbeign issues militating against the development of children, youth and women.

Support and encourage entrepreneurial and creative skills for women and youth through empowerment schemes using the Equipment Training and Support (ETS) strategy.

Form alliances with NGOs, CBOs and International Development Agencies with related objectives.

Advocate and enlighten the populace on contemporary Social, Health and Economic issues.

Our Partners


Our partners with whom we have jointly made impact on lives accross race, culture, religion and gender.

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