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Joining us isn’t just about volunteering or donating, it’s about becoming part of something bigger. It’s about believing that one action, one voice, can ripple out, and transform lives. So, whether you’re a passionate volunteer, a generous donor, or simply someone who believes in the power of kindness, Together, we can write a story where every chapter brims with possibilities, where dreams don’t just take flight, they soar.

About Us

About Us

Welcome to the LEAH Foundation, a non-governmental organization founded by Her Excellency Dcns. Omolewa Ahmed. Nestled in the heart of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, our foundation stands under the banner of SHE: Social Welfare, Health, and Empowerment. We’re champions for the overlooked, voices for the unheard, and hands reaching out to build brighter futures for women, children, and humanity itself. Imagine children’s laughter echoing through the halls of the LEAH Home, a safe haven where education paints their smiles and skills become their wings. Picture mothers cradling newborns with renewed confidence, empowered by the Omolewa Safe Motherhood program. Imagine Amina, a single mother whose fear gives way to relief as she receives a free cancer screening at Leah Medical Center. See communities rising against poverty, illiteracy, and injustice, fueled by the advocacy Leah Foundation ignites.  That’s the magic we create, story by story, initiative by initiative. We’re not mere observers of hardship, we’re architects of change. We don’t just offer a hand, we build bridges to a future where opportunities bloom like wildflowers. Welcome to the Leah Foundation. Welcome to a future woven with threads of hope, where light triumphs over shadows, and every life has the chance to blossom.

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Our Goal

The Foundation operates on the SHE concept, focusing on Social Welfare, Social and Economic Empowerment, and Health, with initiatives like the Breast & Cervical Cancer Project, Omolewa Safe Motherhood Initiative, and educational programs like ‘Adopt A Child’ and LEAH Reading Camp.

Our Mission

At Leah Foundation, our mission is to address the critical issues affecting children, youth, and women. We focus on tackling cultural, socio-economic, and health challenges, empowering individuals through creative and entrepreneurial skills, and forming strategic alliances to amplify our impact.

Our Unique Approach

We operate under the SHE (Social Welfare, Health, and Empowerment) concept, directing our efforts to create significant and sustainable change in our community.

Breast & Cervical Cancer Project

Raising awareness and providing screening services.

Omolewa Safe Motherhood Initiative

Ensuring the health and safety of mothers and children.

Educational Programs

Supporting children's education and fostering a love for learning.

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